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Explore our collection of innovative and sustainable commercial bikes and carts commercial – unrivaled in the entreprenurial industry.  

From Coffee Bikes and Ice Cream Bikes to Marketing & Promo Bikes, Hospitality Bikes, Vending Carts and more, we provide the perfect solution for your mobile shop, speciality catering service or a captivating rentals. 

Let your creativity shine with customizable exteriors that reinforce your brand’s identity.





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Stand out in the vibrant atmosphere of festivals with our Bikes&Carts. Capture the essence of the event, amplify your brand presence, and convert revelers into brand enthusiasts.
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Break the barriers of traditional marketing and cultivate authentic connections that translate into tangible results. Our dynamic Bikes&Carts become a mobile showcase, enabling you to seamlessly reach your target audience wherever they are
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Our innovative bikes and carts allow vou to showcase your gastronomic creations in the most sophisticated yet approachable way. Whether it's a high-end event or a casual gathering, our cutting-edge mobile helpers on wheels will transform any location into a culinary haven.
trade shows
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Elevate our trade show presence and leavi lasting impact that resonates long after the event concludes. Our dynamic Bikes&Carts takes center stage, becoming a magnet for event attendees.
startup launches
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Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with our Bikes & Carts. Ideal for launching your startup, they provide a mobile platform to showcase your innovative products or services directly to potential customers.
street vending
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Transform public spaces into your business domain. Our adaptable Bikes & Carts let you tap into high-footfall areas, offering the perfect setup for street vending and immediate customer engagement.
pop-up retail
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Create temporary retail spaces anywhere with our bikes and carts. They're your solution for pop-up shops, allowing for flexible, location-based retail that appeals directly to modern consumers seeking unique shopping experiences.
mobile marketing
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Use our Bikes & Carts as moving billboards to promote your business. Effective for mobile marketing, they help increase brand visibility and awareness, reaching audiences in varied settings as you move through different locales.



Revolutionizing mobile retail display, sampling products, serving food and drinks or simply giving  a ride – Ferla Bikes and Carts can do it all!

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We’ve been empowering entrepreneurs to deliver unforgettable experiences for their customers.


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