• Ferla Bikes Coffee carts that change the reality of mobile coffee bike business. Completely customized tricycles for sale.

    Ferla Bikes Coffee carts that change the reality of mobile coffee bike business. Completely customized tricycles for sale.

Coffee Carts for sale: Ferla 2 Mobile Coffee Cart to start your coffee cart business already tomorrow!

Nowadays, bike coffee is a growing coffee cart business competition and gets so tough that even the brightest ideas can fail for several reasons. These reasons can be absent mobile coffee carts licensing, lack of start-up funding, a bad choice of location or even the lack of management skills of a young entrepreneur. This is why when starting a bicycle coffee business it is crucial to reflect on which direction to move.

Our main idea is to switch the opposites. Stop thinking that customers must come to you, it is YOUR coffee bike who must go to customers! Using FERLA BIKES your espresso cart business can always be in the right place next to right person in the right time!

And we got you a perfect offer! Here is the new FERLA BIKES achievement – Brand New Mobile Coffee Cart FERLA 2 for sale. It will make your coffee trike business even more convenient, mobile and independent! The new custom coffee cart is equipped with everything that will help you easily get a license for your movable coffee shop business.

This coffee bike is one of the amazing Ferla bikes trikes bikes for sale, and can hold up to 300 pounds of products! And it has an alarm and a tail light.

  • Coffee Bike Ferla 2
  • Improved Features:
    • Compartment Hand-Wash Sink
    • 5 Gallons Clean Water Tank
    • 7.5 Gallons Gray Water Tank
    • Water Pump
    • Water Heater (Optional)
    • Original Shimano Equipment
    • Electric Motor/Pedal Assist (Optional
    • Ventilated Disc Brakes
    • Extendable Serving Table
    • 3 Enclosed Vending Display Boxes
    • Improved Storage
    • Personal/Cash Lock Drawer
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Feature Advantages of Ferla 2 Bike and Coffee

Rate all the advantages that come with our Coffee Cart for sale:

Certified elements

  • Compartment Hand-Wash Sink

Made from Food Grade Plastic that meets all standards of purity regulated by FDA. The material doesn’t contain recycled plastic or dyes. It means that this sink is safe to contact with food and other elements that people can consume in your mobile coffee shop. Moreover this hand-wash sink is NSF approved and that means that we try our best to comply with strict international standards of commercial kitchens.

  • 2 Water Tanks

Among other espresso carts the brand new Ferla 2 Coffee Bike contains 2 water tanks: 5 Gallons Clean Water Tank and 7.5 Gallons Gray Water Tank. Both are made from Food Grade Plastic, and also NSF approved. The perfect thing with water tanks in a coffee shop bike is that now you are free to go anywhere, you stop being tied to water supply and sewage. The tanks are detachable, so you can remove them to clean and dry.

Additional space saving displays and servings

  • Extendable serving table

Those who are looking for espresso carts for sale, know what space and shape economy is. It can be hidden while you drive this portable coffee cart in a narrow street flow, and extended when necessary, so your customers can help themselves. Fine wood makes it neat, nice and solid.

  • 3 enclosed vending display boxes

They are perfect for attracting customers to mobile coffee shops with delicious pastries, sandwiches or fruits. Bright nature colors evoke hunger, and now you can use this trick. Your products will stay in sight, but clean and safe.

  • Improved storage for those who always run out of space
  • Personal/cash lock drawer provided with Ferla Bikes key/lock

Quality equipment

  • A 12 V Battery Powered Water Pump and electric motor for coffee cart mobile café provided by FERLA BIKES.
  • The handle bar is equipped with a monitor that shows speed, miles and battery charge of your Ferla Bike.
  • Also Ferla 2 Coffee Bike goes with original Shimano Equipment: shift paddles, chains, Ventilated Shimano Disk Brakes etc. What does Shimano mean for your bike? Shimano is a Japanese brand of cycling components that covers near 50% of the global market in this field, and provides its customers with high quality, service and safety. We say NO-NO to fakes!

Optional benefits for extra charge

  • Coffee machine or juice maker
  • Water heater
  • Electric motor – 700$
  • Canopy LOGO print – 500$
Coffee Bike
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What Types Of Tricycles For Sale Can I Buy From Ferla Bikes?

You can buy the variety of all kinds of vending bikes for your business. Our assortment is the widest in the US, including small coffee cart and different mobile coffee units for sale:

  • Coffee Bicycle (Espresso Bike, Pour Over Coffee Bike, Coffee Bike Cart for sale, Portable Coffee Cart for sale, Mobile Coffee Trike)
  • Cold Brew Bike (Cold Brew Coffee Bike, Cold-Brew Nitro Bike, Nitro Ice-Tea Bike);
  • Lemonade Bike;
  • Horchata Bike;
  • Different Types of Beverage Bike;
  • Ice-Cream Bike (Pre-Packed Ice-Cream Bike, Dip-Ice Cream Bike, Gourmet Ice-Cream Bike);
  • Vending Bike (Fruit Bike, Delivery Bike, Merchandise Bike, Product Bike, Marketing Bike, Product Development, Brand Bike);
  • Catering Bike (Coffee Catering Bike, Fruit Catering Bike, Food Catering Bike, Taco Bike/Cart);
  • Promo Bike (Advertising Bike, Promo Bike, Mobile Billboard Bike, Product Sampling Bike);

How Can I Buy The Coffee Kiosk Cart?

If you are interested in mobile barista cart, contact us and find out if the coffee shop on wheels is available for sale. Then you should specify the time and delivery place of your bike coffee cart. We deliver Ferla Bikes all over the USA.

Moreover, we have a special program “First Bike in the City!” Our goal is to have a Ferla Bike in every city of the USA. For example, we would love to see Ferla Bike in Schoolcraft, Michigan. So far, we do not have any vendors in Michigan. We are offering a discounted price for First Buyers. The estimated cost for shipping will vary from $ 400-700.

What Can I Sell On Your Ferla Bike Cafe For Sale?

Thanks to our improved model Ferla 2 with portable coffee stand/table, you have extra space to sell more goods, and also provide your customers with a convenient place to rest and drink coffee, Ferla 2 has an extra table, and an extra storage box, like a full-fledged portable coffee kiosk.

You can sell anything you like, if it does not contradict morality, and also the laws of your state. To avoid problems, it is better to check local city Requirements for permission. Some States forbid to sell definite items, like raw food: meat and diaries products.

Can I Find Any Used Coffee Carts For Sale?

If you have some coffee cart ideas, but have no opportunity to buy and rebuild a new portable coffee shop, you can search for second hand coffee carts for sale to realize all your ideas. We are constantly working on new model series, based on mobile coffee vendors feedbacks. We introduce the most popular features on a regular basis, this is why our current customers often renew their bikes. Hence, we can help to bring together our current customers and those, who would like to find some used mobile coffee carts for sale. Contact us, tell us what bikes are required and what price range you are counting on, and we, if we have a similar proposal in our database, will provide you with contacts.

What Is The Shipping Time Of Ferla 2 Bicycle Coffee Cart For Sale?

Portable coffee carts delivery depends on several factors. If the desired coffee bike is in stock, then this is only the time for delivery all over the US (7-14 days). If this is a pre-order (the bike is not in stock), then we will need the time spend to fulfill the order + delivery + customs clearance (1-2 months).

Are Ferla Bike Mobile Coffee Cart Bikes For Sale Customized?

Some of our bike and tricycle coffee cart models are custom.

What Is The Difference Between Coffee Carts And Coffee Trucks For Sale?

The difference is huge. We decided to refuse mobile coffee trucks for sale because of their cumbersomeness and complexity in operation. Coffee cart bike has many advantages over stationary kiosks or trailers: low start price, mobility, economy of resources, compactness. In many cases, bikes and carts are the best alternative to trucks! Bike makes it easier to start a coffee business.

What do I need to start coffee cart business?

Basic thing you need is willingness to start a coffee on bike business, and after that it is very easy. To find the details submit an inquiry on www.ferlabikes.com or ask any questions to info@ferlabikes.com

In most cases Ferla Bikes arrive with the basic equipment you need to start working. After receiving your coffee mobile cart, you need to choose the location you will work at. Check the regulations in your city to know if the location you have chosen for your mobile cafe business acquires a permit or not, if the spot is public or private etc.

Will I Need To Have A License To Sell On Commercial Coffee Cart?

In some cities of US probably you won’t have to pay any fees, because you are not a stationary coffee kiosk and you move all the time. But still most of the States will not allow you to operate without a submitted plan through Health Department or other authorities responsible for this business area. You also may prefer private spots like college campus, malls, etc., to avoid public authorities stand off if any.

We strongly recommend you to get in touch with your local authorities, to sanction your permit to operate, and we, on our hand, will try our best to help you to arrange your portable cafe the way you can get all necessary licences and permissions.

Can I Lease a mobile espresso cart or any other?

Yes, we lease bikes for business on approved credit and terms.

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