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Bike Advertising Is An Easy And Cheap Way To Build Your Brand Recognition

People tend to follow their dreams; this is why we witness an intensive growth of small and medium-sized business. Naturally, this business is local. Very often such local beginner entrepreneurs face the problem – how to advertise themselves cheap and effective?

We all know that advertising is the engine of trade, but if you want to concentrate your forces and money on a local target audience, what can you do? Of course, you can go to the local television and dump there some huge money for advertising, as well as the amount of money for the production of this advertisement. But why should you do this? After all, your target audience walks next to you right on the street! The ideal option to introduce your brand to the masses is Ferla advertising Ad bikes for sale!

Why Ferla Ad Bike Is The Best

  • We custom build your advertising bike (bicycle billboard trailer) for your business.
  • You can set your bicycle billboard trailer ready in minutes.
  • You can reach a large audience with ad bikes.
  • With our bicycle billboard advertising your campaign is visible and accessible.
  • With a biking billboard you can deliver the visual message exactly where you think it is necessary.
  • Your brand will not be associated with obsessive advertising in social media.
  • Ferla advertising bicycle is the most eye-catching advertising means.
  • There is no more need in mobile trucks or scooters that pollute the atmosphere.
  • It is compact enough to avoid traffic congestion.
  • It really stands out among others.
  • No waste of electricity or other types of fuel.

Conceptual Difference Of Advertising Bikes (Ad Bikes)

Ferla bicycle with a stand for advertising allows interpersonal acquaintance with the brand. In contrast to media campaigns, you can literally present the brand, let people touch and see your product, say about it everything you have to say without any time restrictions.

If you are a newcomer to the local market, this is the most convenient way for you to announce yourself, without spending crazy money on TV or radio advertising. More over you’ll save time distributing flyers and paper ads. Contact us to start a bicycles billboards advertising campaign.

You immediately get a bonus – bicycles associate with healthy lifestyle, clean environment and generally positive mood. Unconsciously, your brand will also be associated with these concepts.

So don’t waste your precious time, contact us and tell how you want your pop-up mobile store done! 😉

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