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  • The Most Sustainable Coffee Bikes In The World

    Completely battery-operated, our coffee carts are specialized to meet your needs as a mobile café. Whether you need a sink, freezer, solar panels, LED canopy lighting, pedal assist, or extra storage, we got you.

    The Ferla X, Ferla X – Glacier Edition, Ferla 2, Ferla Grande, or Ferla Mini are perfect for establishing your dream coffee business.

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  • The Most Innovative Ice Cream Bike on the Market

    The ice cream industry is constantly innovating, as seen in the rise of nitro freeze and rolled ice cream. However, the same cannot be said for the equipment involved in making this happen. We’re here to bring creativity to the business behind frozen treats.

    We are happy to suggest you two Ferla bike models – Ice Cream Bike (with no sink) and Ferla X – Glacier Edition (with a sink).

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We produce the most innovative, technologically advanced, and sustainable commercial bikes and carts in the world. We’ve designed Coffee Bikes, Ice Cream Bikes, Marketing & Promo Bikes, Hospitality Bikes, Vending Carts and many more. Whether you’re looking to start a mobile café/restaurant or are looking for a fresh take on experiential marketing, we have everything you need to turn your dreams into a reality.

All of our bikes and carts are eco-friendly, release zero carbon emissions, and are personalized for each client to meet their specific business needs. If you have a vision for your vending bike, we can customize the exterior to express your creativity and reinforce your brand’s identity.

If you’re an entrepreneur starting your first business or an established mogul seeking to expand or promote your brand, we’re here to help you take your business mobile.

Business done right.

  • Coffee Bikes
    Coffee Bikes

    The Most Sustainable Mobile Coffee Bikes In The World

    Coffee Bikes are our passion at Ferla Bikes.

    A fully electric cafe on wheels, our coffee carts are specialized to meet your requirements as a mobile cafe. Our offerings include a sink equipped vending bike, the option to upgrade to pedal assist, and plenty of storage in every vending bike we make. Whether you plan to start a mobile espresso bar, or sell cold brew via kegerator equipped vending bike, it’s made easier with Ferla.

    Start your very own mobile coffee business using the most innovative & affordable vending bike in the world. Contact us today to set up your order.

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  • Cold Brew Bike
    Cold Brew Bike

    You asked, we delivered! We took the best features from the Ferla Ice Cream Bike and refined them to fit the advanced Ferla X platform, creating the most innovative all-in-one cold brew bike in the world.

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  • Ice Cream Bikes
    Ice Cream Bikes

    The Most Innovative Ice Cream Bikes In the World

    Ice cream is an innovative business, with shops selling selections such as nitro-freeze and rolled ice cream always popping up. However, the equipment for the ice cream industry is not always as innovative.

    That’s why our ice cream bikes are fully self powered – instead of having to rely on dry ice, we use a rechargeable battery to keep your product cold, whether you run an ice cream cart, gelato cart, or popsicle cart. Plus, with convertible freezer-to-fridge settings, you can also start a fresh juice cart, fruit cart, or even mobile deli with our refrigerator and freezer equipped bikes.

    With a Ferla ice cream bike, starting your own mobile ice cream business is made easy – no need for an ice cream truck or expensive brick and mortar location. Contact us today to start your order!

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    The Ferla Grill Bike and Cart are the world’s finest, most technologically advanced mobile grills. This bike and cart is perfect for seasoned business professionals looking to take their food business mobile and entrepreneurs ready to establish their food business with low start-up costs.

    Delivery cargo bikes

    The Ferla Cargo Bike is all about safety, elegance, and convenience. The Active Frame Design allows everyone – from the most inexperienced riders to biking experts – to experience a safer and more convenient riding experience, so you can easily deliver your goods anywhere with fewer carbon emissions.

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  • Promo Bikes
    Promo Bike

    Ferla Bikes Meets Your Marketing Needs: Promote With Ferla’s Promo Bikes and Carts

    Ferla Bikes are great for all of your marketing and advertising needs. Our advertising bikes and carts have been used in several campaigns for businesses large and small.

    Using a Ferla Bike is a smart and cost-effective way to generate brand awareness and gain new leads for your business. Reach out to us today to learn how to rent or buy for your next marketing event.

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  • Non-Profit Organizations
    Non-Profit Organizations

    Ferla Bikes Helping Non-Profits

    Ferla Bikes has helped several non-profit organizations, such as hospitals, botanical gardens, and charity organizations in the past with building concession bikes that will bring joy to their visitors.

    Reach out to us today to learn how to purchase a Ferla Bike and use as a concession stand for your own non-profit.

  • Food & Beverage
    Food & Beverage

    Food Vending Bikes & Mobile Beverage Carts By Ferla

    Wanna know what the best part of a Ferla Bike is? We keep versatility of use in mind.

    Whether you want to start a mobile taco cart, mobile deli cart, or hot dog cart business, you can do so with your very own food vendor bike from Ferla. Ferla Bikes offer the essentials of a mobile kitchen – sink, fridge, counter-space, etc. – and allow you the freedom to create whatever type of restaurant on wheels you please.

    Check out our full fleet of vending carts, or if you’re ready, reach out to us to learn how to purchase!

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  • Merchandise & Retail
    Merchandise & Retail

    Mobile Boutique Carts From Ferla Bikes

    Starting out small doesn’t have to be limited to the restaurant industry. Starting your mobile boutique or gallery with a Ferla Bike is a smart decision – you won’t have to pay rent, or use gasoline & pay insurance for a vending trailer.

    You could use the Ferla Vendor as a mobile jewelry display for your own unique creations. Ferla Grande’s extensive storage space is perfect as a merchandise bike for selling shoes and hats. Our display carts could even serve your needs as a mobile gallery for your art or photography.

    Check out our full fleet of mobile display bikes, and contact us today to learn how to order.

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  • Hospitality & Restaurants
    Hospitality & Restaurants

    Catering Made Easy With Ferla Bikes

    Have you been looking for a unique and creative way to serve your hotel guests poolside? Or maybe you’re in need of a stylish and functional catering cart for your restaurant’s catering venture?

    Look no further – Ferla offers a full fleet of bikes perfectly crafted for catering. As a mobile kitchen on wheels, your Ferla Bike can be used for a multitude of different catering activities. Create a mobile bar and taco stand for your cantina, or use your bike as a poolside catering cart for your hotel or resort.

    Reach out to us to learn more and purchase your very own Ferla catering bike!

  • Catering & Events
    Catering & Event Rentals

    Bring Us To Your Event – Vending Bike Rentals Available!

    Need a bike for your weekend event, but not much longer than that? Not to worry – vending bike rentals from Ferla Bikes are available in Los Angeles and its surrounding regions! Use our bike as a mobile catering bar for your wedding, or feature it at your corporate event as a mobile espresso catering cart. With customizable branding options available, your bike will even fit in perfectly with your event’s awesome theme!

    Reach out to us today to learn how you can rent a Ferla Bike for your next event.

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  • Experiential Marketing
    Experiential Marketing

    Ferla Bikes Bring Your Brand To Life!

    Looking to create a brand experience like no other for you or your client? Well, look no further than our brand sampling bikes at Ferla! Our bikes are perfectly crafted for product distribution, making your next guerilla marketing campaign an ease. Plus, you can customize your bikes branding and create a fully-immersive experience – check out some awesome examples here!

    Learn how to rent or buy a product sampling bike from Ferla Bikes for you or your clients next big marketing move today!

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Meet our family

All Models

New business idea? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a start-up, or already established, there’s a solution for you at Ferla Bikes.

We’ve worked with catering business owners on weddings, with event coordination teams on fun experiential marketing campaigns, and with aspiring entrepreneurs on starting their own coffee cart or ice cream cart business from scratch.

No matter what your vision is, there is a Ferla Bike for you. Take a look at our full fleet below:

Happy Clients

Why Our Clients Love Us

Ferla Bike’s owners come from all sorts of backgrounds. They’re the start-up cafe owner who doesn’t want to pay for brick-and-mortar, the established restaurateur who is looking to expand into catering, and the experiential marketing firm looking for a fun way to bring their client’s brand to life. While they’re all very different from each other, what they all share is a passion for solutions that will help their business stand out from the crowd, and Ferla’s unique vending bikes are a big part of that solution.

We keep our client’s businesses in mind when creating our products. Every step of the start-up process is considered – health department approval, strong and reliable equipment, and branding requirements. Because of this, Ferla Bikes are the easiest way to start, market, and run your own business!

Just a few of our Awesome Clients

Deutsche Bank
The Ritz-Carlton
W Hotels


    “Ferla Bikes is the perfect fit for what we wanted to happen in our business. Not only do they produce top of the line bikes, but the service that Ferla team provides is second to none.”

    Paolo Seen
    CEO at Donut Hello – San Diego, CA

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