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Ferla Promo Bike was created to deliver high-impact messages to target audiences and achieve affordability to advertise and get your brand out there. Banner ads and print ads can be very expensive and useless. Our mobile promotional bikes (display bikes) will be pedaling through a custom routed routine. Promo Bike is the Advertising Solution.


Showcase Your Brand To The World With Ferla Promo Bikes

Ferla’s fleet of promo bikes for sale represents a diverse selection of premier builds, each poised to help move products and amplify brands.

Whether you’re an established digital presence, a tried-and-true brick and mortar, or even a storied corporate brand — the benefits of incorporating mobile vending units are plentiful.

By exploring the eclectic catalogue of Ferla Bikes, business owners can discern which one of the premier options is best suited for their needs.

The Benefits Of Ferla Promo Bikes

  • Each model of Ferla Bike features advanced technology, elegant design, and the capabilities to take any business somewhere it’s never been before.
  • Having helped iconic brands like Tiffany & Co. with experiential pop-ups, as well as countless independent startups ranging from baristas to florists — the Ferla Fleet is beloved, proven, and effective.
  • Each fully customizable signage and logo features — Ferla Bikes are mobile promotional billboards, which also perform well in experiential and sales environments.
  • Have a look at some of our featured promotional bikes here, and explore the entire collection to begin crafting your mobile business dreams. 

Ferla X – Glacier Edition — An Advanced, Versatile Promo Bike 

The many features of the beloved Ferla X – Glacier Edition combine to make it a gem for any brand looking to promote itself in a positive, memorable fashion.

Featuring an Extra Large Temperature Controlled Battery Operated Freezer, and a Beverage Draft System, these beautiful bikes have everything a person needs to have a good time.

Any food and beverage business could utilize a Ferla X – Glacier Edition to bring deliciousness to people out in the world. It’s the most direct, honest form of promotion there is. For brands outside this space, everybody likes a free ice cream, or a  free cold brew.

Consider using the versatile Ferla to execute unforgettable experiential marketing campaigns out in the world, and give consumers a reason to remember you with a smile.

Ferla Grande Promo Bike

Ferla Grande Coffee Bike — An Elegant, High-Performance Promo Bike

The Ferla Grande Coffee Bike is a gorgeous piece of promotional technology.

Built to serve the best baristas, the bike’s cafe capabilities are ideal for those in the java and pastry industries, and they’re beneficial to anyone looking to promote their company, new products, and experiences.

Outfitted with a sleek solid wood exterior, the traveling Ferla Grande is also outfitted with Two Storage Compartments, Two Cash Lock Drawers, Original Shimano Equipment, and an optional Electric Motor Pedal Assist System.

Fully customizable with signage and logo services, each Ferla Grande has the capability to be a colorful, branded vehicle. With the proper promo bikes, a company can bring their products to the public, and they can create experiential pop-up experiences.

Competitive Rates

Ferla’s entire fleet represents sophistication and grace at incomparable rates. Built with the budding business person in mind, each Ferla Promotional Bike is equipped with the highest quality components for the most affordable price possible.

Our promotional bikes range in price from $2,299 – $5,999 with additional costs for any electric models, as well as customized or specially branded bikes.

Far more affordable than a gas-powered vehicle of a similar build, and far better for the environment, these super valuable investments are made even more affordable through a number of special Ferla services.

Ferla’s Special Services & Benefits

To help make our bikes as accessible as possible, Ferla offers its clients easy financing plans. Both short and long term arrangements are available. Set yourself up for a plan of 12-60 low monthly payments, and use the increased revenue from your mobile promotions and sales to pay the bike off.

Making this type of investment in a promotional bike isn’t only a wise financial decision for businesses looking to expand while low on funds, it also is helpful with Uncle Sam. Earn a tax credit while investing in your business’s future when you buy a Ferla Bike.

Incorporating thoughtful purchases and investments into a business plan is as valuable and important as seeking creative, stand-out modes of promotion such as are bikes. In addition to creating great memories, and taking your brand out to the world, incorporating a Ferla into a business plan also benefits the books.

Customizing A Ferla For Your Brand

We encourage all businesses looking to utilize a Ferla Bike as a promotional tool to reach out to us to discuss customization.

Will the bike best serve your business if it can cover long distances? Then we’ll suggest opting for the electric rear hub motor.

Do you want to make an impression on everyone who sees your brand ambassadors on their promotional bike? Then we’ll suggest a custom wrap design job, which includes incorporating your brand’s colors and logos into the bike.

In addition to the tweaks and additions we can offer to the aesthetic, there are also functional add ons that open up a world of promotional opportunities. Reach out to us about equipping your promotional bike with a top-of-the-line freezer for ice cream and cold treats, cold brew nitro tap for caffeinated experiences, and various other attractive choices.

Creating Business Opportunities With A Ferla Promo Bike

There are a number of obvious ways to create new business opportunities with a Ferla Promo Bike. Show off your brand’s personality by taking a custom bike out into public spaces for all to see.

Use the mobility of the bike to bring your company to frequented places, and then when you’re there, treat people to any of the countless treats one can store, cook, and create with one of our multi-functional bikes. Maybe these treats are your product, or maybe they’re to introduce people to your product.

Each Ferla Promo Bike has direct marketing and experiential marketing value, and all it takes is some ingenuity, investment, and enthusiasm to procure a truly unique, memorable tool for building business.

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