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Ferla X
The Finest, Most Versatile Bike Ever
All-In-One Cafe Bike: Battery Powered Freezer. Fat Tires. Solar Panel System.
Ferla X Coffee Bike
Ferla X
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Ferla X: World’s First Fully Capable Vending Bike – “All-in-One”

With an all new configuration, Ferla X has been optimized for the efficiency of its operator. With a sink, extensive storage space, and the option to purchase with an installed battery-powered freezer/refrigerator, Ferla X is truly the vending bike that offers it all.

Finally, the world’s first fully-optimized mobile cafe on wheels is here. Whether you plan to start a coffee bike, espresso bike, ice cream bike, hot dog bike, taco cart, juice cart, smoothie cart, fruit cart… well, you get the idea! It’s all possible with Ferla X.

Our Most Versatile
Mobile Vending Bike Ever

Ferla X was designed to be an all-in-one solution for your mobile restaurant concept. With our new configuration, Ferla X is fully optimized for you or your barista’s efficiency. With the sink, cash register, and freezer unit all facing the vendors direction, there’s no more having to run back and forth to serve your customers.

Ferla X also comes with upgraded durability. We now use a thicker plywood for the vending unit’s frame, still covered in our waterproof varnish for protection and longevity. Ferla X also uses thicker wheels to support its frame, meaning no having to worry about an unstable vending bike.

Of course, we didn’t forget to include the sink that you love. Our original “smart sink” still includes a foldable faucet, and the option to upgrade your bike with hot water heating is always an option.

There’s just so many reasons to love Ferla. Isn’t starting a mobile cafe so much easier than you would’ve ever thought?

Ferla X design
Ferla X
Ferla X
Crafted with all
your needs in mind
Features Ferla X
Features Ferla X
  • Temperature-Controlled Battery Operated Freezer
  • Ultra Light & Extremely Flexible Solar Panel System
  • Fully Customizable: Grill, Cold Brew set up, and/or Freezer
  • 750W Heavy Duty                        Rear Hub Motor
  • Heavy Duty Wheels                      with All-Terrain Fat Tires
  • Extensive Storage Space &          All-New Condiment Platform
Pedal Assist
Upgrade Your Ride:
Fully Electric Vending Bike

Need a fully electric vending bike? Not a problem – upgrade your Ferla X with pedal assist for just an additional $950. Pedal assist makes riding your bike up hills and long distances much easier, so that you can take your vending bike from point a to point b – from the corporate campus in the morning, to the beach in the afternoon, then converting into a catering cart by the start of night!

We also have several other fully electric vending bikes for sale at Ferla Bikes. Check out the full fleet here.

Ferla X Pedal Assist
Ferla X Pedal Assist
Sink Plumbing
Ferla X
Superior Perfomance. All-in-One.
RangeUp to 25 miles
Payload500 Ibs
Temp. Controlled FreezerUp to 15 hours
Solar Power200 Watts
Ferla X Coffee Bike
Finance Your Ferla X
Turn Your Dreams
Into A Reality

Ferla X comes at a great price, but with many other start-up expenses hindering the young entrepreneur, it may still be hard to fund your dream. Not to worry – Ferla Bikes offers financing, giving you the opportunity to finance any bike that we sell.

You can learn more and apply here

As low as $199/month – Financing Available

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Ferla X Coffee Bike
Ferla X Coffee Bike
Ferla X
What makes this Bike Different?
ferla x features
  • Battery & Solar Powered Temp-Control Freezer/Refrigerator: Upgrade your Coffee Bike with a built-in temp-controlled cooling system. Finally, a vending bike made for both ice cream and coffee – or whatever else you plan to serve! Milk? Fruits? Drinks? You Name It!
  • Multi-Use: “Ferla X’s multi use capabilities ensure that no matter what your needs are this bike can be there for you. You can equip your Ferla X with a Grill, Cold Brew Bike set up, and/or full size temperature controlled freezer; the choice is up to you!”
  • Flexible Solar Panel System: Our flexible panels are lightweight and durable, so you can take them on your next outdoor event. Plus, our solar panels feature the highest-efficiency solar cells available which means more power or faster charging times for solar compatible batteries. Freezer Running Time – up to 15 hours.
  • Pedal Assist (E-Bike): Our pedal assist includes All-New 750W Heavy Duty rear-hub motor, with LCD display to let you know how fast you’re riding, distance, power selection, and more. As always, available with a throttle mode to let you relax while steering the bike. No need to pedal? Yes, that’s right! Pedal Assist package will do Everything for you!
  • Heavy Duty Frame: Updated and improved, our frame is built to support the weight of your entire mobile restaurant set-up.
  • Heavy Duty Wheels & Fat Tires: Ferla X is equipped with new wheels: All-Terrain Fat Tires and a Larger Rim help to support the large frame. Never worry about your bike rolling away! Also, you can easily ride on gravel roads and skip pot holes, like 1-2-3.
  • Rear Storage Unit + Condiment Platform: Ferla X comes with All-New & Improved rear storage unit: a cubic shape increases your options for storage capability, and the flat top is perfect for displaying condiments when you are stationary.
  • Lockable Front Storage Space: Lock up your valuable goods with our New & Improved storage lock for the front storage unit.
  • New & Improved Wood Frame: Our thicker plywood frame helps make Ferla X the most durable vending bike for sale at Ferla. Plus, we didn’t forget to add our waterproof varnish to the finish.
  • Extendable Flip-Up Table: We didn’t forget to add your favorite extendable flip-up table – perfect for adding extras such as napkins, forks, and spoons for your customers. Plus, our new and improved durable wood frame adds strength to the mix.
  • Expansive Storage Space: With more storage space than ever, you will have no problem with setting up a fully mobile cafe.
  • Smart Sink & Self-Contained Plumbing System: A foldable faucet, removable basin, and the option to add hot water heating makes our Ferla X the most competitive vending bikes on the market.
  • Side Display Bars: Our famous side display bars now come on both side of the Ferla X’s vending unit.
  • Weather-Proof Canopy: Easy-Removable canopy to keep all of your goods dry, including yourself and your customers.
ferla x specs
ferla x specs
Ferla X Coffee Bike
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