Mobile juice bar carts and bikes for sale

Serve Juices And Smoothies Everywhere With Ferla Juice Carts

Summer is a wonderful time for most of the United States. It is the time of vacations, beaches and bikini parties. What is more – it is the time when people are thirsty! They are thirsty not only for water, but for vitamins and pleasant experiences. And what can be more satisfying than a glass of cold, tasty and healthy juice or smoothie?

That’s right; summer is when juice bars usually flourish. Do you want to be a part of this industry? Oh, wait… starting a juice bar acquires more than a 100 000$. It’s not what is gonna happen, when you don’t have that sum. But you know what? We have an idea. You can start your business immediately with a portable juice and smoothie bar cart!

Almost all our bikes for sale are custom. This means that even a coffee bike can be used as a juice or smoothie stand bike. If you are going to sell freshly squeezed juice or some smoothies during summertime, we can install a juicer into your bike or cart.

If you want to sell bottled or packaged juice of your own or some other production, you also can use Ferla Ice Cream bikes, Ferla mini. In case you live in less hot states, you can sell juice even on a vending bike. We mean they all are custom and can be effective as mobile juice bars, instead of a juice bar stand, a truck or a kiosk.

Why should you choose Ferla bikes for your mobile smoothie and juice bar cart business?

  1. The first reason follows from the question itself – because this business is mobile! For example, if you run out of produce you can easily restock without long hours or days of waiting.
  2. You can be right next to your customers. There are many examples, when people build extraordinary attractive juice bars, but they went broke. The reason is that the location was not appropriate. Also often services lose their customers because of staff that was not good. With mobile juice stand you are right in the middle of the events. You know what your buyers want and you give it to them!
  3. It costs less than a juice bar itself. Even the most relatively cheap juice bar will cost a bit more than 100K$, alongside there will be a lot of additional spends like wages, payments, rent, etc. And you should remember that depending on many factors, this may not be the price for your success. It is just the cost of working space. With Ferla juice and smoothie bikes and carts you will spend much less and be in the center of everything.

A little expert advice: we recommend you find out where your local organic grocer gets the produce from to save money on the purchase of vegetables and fruits from stores.

The USA is actually a place where people don’t just dream their dreams but have real opportunities to make them come true. So we just say continue dreaming and start juicing! If you take this seriously on a regular basis juice bar practicing may turn into a very profitable and healthy business, which you will never be ashamed of.

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