10 Unique Ways to Expand Your Business

Looking for inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Here are ten unique ways you can expand your business with your new Ferla X – Glacier Edition


If you love the idea of starting your own mobile business or are seeking to expand your business but can’t seem to think of any good ideas, we’ve got you covered.

1. Ice Cream Beach Bar

People are gathering at the beach now more than ever. Take this opportunity and take your business to the beach! Because we have a sink, you can serve hand-scooped gelato. Without a sink, you cannot serve gelato because you are required by health code restrictions to clean off your scoop. With the Ferla X, you can safely serve ice cream anywhere – even the beach!


2. Draft Brew Bar on Wheels

With your Ferla Glacier’s temperature-controlled freezer and beverage taps,  you can serve ice cold draft beer fresh off the tap anywhere.


3. Outdoor Kombucha Café

The health craze is real! People are excited about living and eating healthy. The health benefits and cool deliciousness that come with Kombucha are in high demand. Lucky for you, with the Ferla X – Glacier Edition, you have the option serve it bottled or on tap – anywhere you want!

Cold Brew Bike


4. Charming Curbside Pickup

If you have a restaurant, make your curbside pickup memorable! Having your customers pick up their to-go orders from your vending bike will make an impression on your loyal customers and grab the attention of potential customers. You can also have people add their condiments outdoors on the back platform of your Ferla.


5. Farmer’s Market Stand

Start participating your local farmer’s market! Use your Ferla Glacier to attract attention to your business. Because the Glacier comes with a sink and freezer, you can sell anything– like kombucha, yogurt, cold produce, and frozen goods!


6. Experiential Marketing

The Ferla X – Glacier Edition is perfect for experiential marketing. Give out ice cream, hats, candy, or t shirts to promote your business right from your Ferla, even on the hottest days! Its unique design makes the perfect photo opportunity. Ride through the streets with your brand customized Ferla so everyone will know your name and wonder who you are!

Ferla Mini Cart


7. Corporate Events Catering

Cater corporate events with your Ferla! The Ferla Glacier’s extendable tables give you even more storage space that collapses when you don’t need it– optimizing your work efficiency. Serve ice cream or ice cold beverages from your Ferla X – Glacier Edition and make corporate catering easier. Cat


8. Wedding Catering

Start your very own wedding catering business! Weddings are incredibly popular during summer. Because of COVID, the demand for outdoor wedding solutions are at an all-time high! Take this opportunity to easily and safely cater outdoor weddings with the Ferla X – Glacier Edition.


9. Birthday Party Business

Birthdays will happen every year, and people are always looking for fun and creative ways to celebrate! Whether you’re catering or entertaining with balloon animals, face paint, puppet shows, an open bar, or all of the above, make your job easier with the Ferla Glacier. 

10. Rootbeer Float Station

Want to stand out from the crowd? Be the first to serve soda, ice cream – or both! – outside with the Ferla Glacier. Express your creativity by serving things as unique as you are!

This is just the beginning! With the Ferla Glacier, you can create a business

that will blow everyone away. It’s up to you to bring these ideas to life.

See for yourself how the Ferla X – Glacier Edition can help you achieve your goals.

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