The 5 Best Places to Sell Ice Cream

Are you thinking about opening an ice cream business but are unsure where to sell your frozen treats? This list will help you get your business started! If you’re looking for the perfect way to start your ice cream business with low start up costs, press play on the video down below. 

1. In front of restaurants

While people aren’t able to dine inside food establishments in many cities, people can stop and shop in front of them! Selling ice cream in front of your restaurant gives your regulars an opportunity to get out of the house and gives you the opportunity to keep your loyal customers satisfied. If you don’t own a restaurant, you can stop outside places (with owner’s permission) to satisfy the hunger people are seeking to fill with your own delicious food!

2. The beach

Because of Covid, people are eager to get out of the house – which is why so many people are spending time at beach on weekends! Everyone wants good ice cream on hot days, and the Ferla’s beautiful design will attract hungry customers wherever you go.

3. Neighborhood parks and lakes

Local neighborhood spots are where some of the best business is. People often go to local parks and lakes after work, sometimes bringing along their children. There’s no better way to bring families together than with ice cream!

4. Near trail entrances

After a long hike, people are bound to be hungry! Sell ice cream at the entrance and exits of trails to meet hungry hikers with cool treats they won’t be able to resist.

5. Make a strategic plan

Because you can bike anywhere with your Ferla Ice Cream Bike, try different locations every day and see what locations and times work best for you and your local customers! With Covid, having an outdoor business gives you the peace of mind to know that there will always be enough room to social distance and keep you, and your customers, safe.

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