Ferla Featured in the Washington Post

Recently, Ferla was featured in the Washington Post’s article covering our trade with Demi from the Trade Me Project. We found Demi on Tik Tok and followed her journey of trading a bobby pin with the dream of trading all the way until she got a house. We were inspired by her creativity, drive, and passion, and wanted to play a role in helping her dreams come true!

We met with Demi to swap one of our Ferla Mini bikes for a MacBook Pro, which would help out our staff and help Demi get one step closer to reaching her goal. 

While the Ferla Mini was worth more than the laptop, Feras said that he decided to make a deal with Demi when she told him she “hoped to trade up with somebody who had lost a restaurant job because of to the pandemic.” 

As Feras put it, “I love that she wants to help someone, so I was all for the trade, and I’m really looking forward now to seeing where she ends up with all of this.”

We make bikes so people can make their entrepreneurial dreams come true, and we’re so happy we could help Demi in her entrepreneurial endeavor! As the Washington Post put it, we are:

“…an eco-friendly “food truck” bike from Feras Bashnak, a Los Angeles entrepreneur who started his company, Ferla Bikes, as a way to provide young people in the food industry with a means to make an income without renting commercial space.”

We’re so excited to see Demi reach her goal! You can find out more about the trade on our Tik Tok and Instagram. Check out the Ferla Mini featured in this article!

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