How to Keep Your Business Open During the COVID-19 Shutdown

Over the past few weeks, states all over the U.S. have been ordering the closures of bars and indoor restaurants due to a spike in coronavirus cases. If you’re worried about your business being affected, don’t worry– it doesn’t have to! Keep your business afloat by putting it on wheels. Here are three key components to keep in mind while creating the next phase of your business strategy so you can adapt to the changing global landscape.

  1. Accessible
          Open-air businesses, like bike stands, provide the unique advantage of having access to unlimited space, so you can ensure that you and your customers are safe and complying with social distancing measures. You can open up shop the same day you receive your bike and easily go to where your clients are. Not only are bike-front businesses easily accessible to owners like you, your business becomes more accessible to your customers. 
  2. Affordable
          During a recession, low-cost solutions are a necessity. Ferla bikes are a one-time investment that can be easily paid off with our payment plans. Rather than paying rent monthly at a brick and mortar location, your bike will pay for itself. Investing in a vending bike makes you more money in the long run so you can invest in your clients instead of a lease.
  3. Sustainable
          Now more than ever, people are conscious about the kinds of businesses they invest in, including how their businesses impact the environment. Completely battery-operated, Ferla bikes release zero carbon emissions so you can run your business with clean energy and a clear conscience. You can save your business and our planet at the same time.

Below are some options that can help your business bounce back! Click on the images for more information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with anything.

The new and improved Ferla X includes our extensive storage space, Original Smart Sink, and the option to install a battery-powered freezer/refrigerator. The Ferla X is truly is the vending bike that has it all.

We took the Ferla X to the next level, creating the most innovative all-in-one ice cream and cold brew bike. The Ferla X – Glacier Edition bike is equipped with new features such as the extra large temperature-controlled freezer, heavy duty all-terrain wheels, 750W powerful rear hub motor, and extra large battery.

The Ferla 2 is perfect for anyone looking to mobilize their business or start a business with low upfront costs. Equipped with a sink, optional water heater, and enough counter space for 2 group espresso machines, this bike is one of a kind.

Bikes aren’t your thing? We’ve got you covered. The Ferla Grande Cart cart can handle a temperature-controlled freezer, LED logo sign, cold brew taps, sink with 5-gallon clean water tank and 5-gallon gray water tank, and can be further customized to meet your needs.

Ferla Grande Coffee Cart

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