How to Make and Sell Your Own Cold Brew Coffee!

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own line of cold brew, you’re probably making a smart business decision. After all, cold brew coffee has been on the rise for the past two years, starting out as a specialty choice and making its way to more mainstream markets as of recent. The stronger and more-sweet flavor of cold brew coffee is what attracts many to its unique brewing technique. And thankfully, it’s super easy to start brewing and selling your own unique recipe!

cold brew coffee

Making Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

Making your own cold brew at home is surprisingly easy. All you need is some of your favorite coffee beans, filtered water, and the right equipment – a coffee grinder, some cheesecloth, and a few mason jars should do the trick. You can even use this awesome Cold Brew Coffee Set by Kilner to assist you!

cold brew coffee

Cold Brew Coffee Set By Kilner, $34.

Now, brewing cold brew coffee is less about having a certain recipe, and more about finding the right ratio of beans to water. Playing around with the ratios to find your preferred strength of flavor is what’s key. However, this will probably take you a few times before you discover that perfect balance, so don’t lose patience. A common recommended brewing ratio is 1:5 (coffee bean:water) – this allows you to add a preferred amount of water to the concentrate once you’ve finished. If you’re still unsure, this recipe from is another great place to start.

After a while, you may begin to realize that there is so much more potential to cold brew coffee than just drinking it as is. You can begin to experiment with nitro-blends, or even try cooking with your brew, making recipes such as barbeque sauces, coffee cakes, and more!

How to Sell Your Cold Brew Coffee

Entering the market of cold brew coffee is competitive, but not impossible. Keep in mind that you’ll want to differentiate yourself in at least one way, whether that’s where you source your beans from, or how concentrated your brew’s flavor is, just to name a few. You can also differentiate your product by adding milk, specialty flavors (example: cold brew with a hint of vanilla) or even adding it to foods, as mentioned above.

Now that you’ve created your cold brew product, you must decide in which way you plan to sell it. You can serve it ready to drink, sold in bottles to grocers and convenience stores, or you can sell it fresh out of your own coffee shop or mobile cafe. Either way, be prepared to hustle. Going the ready-to-drink route means you’ll have to network with grocery chains who may have interest in selling your product, and opening your own coffee shop or coffee cart means having to secure a license to vend in your city, among other things. You can read more about how to start a coffee cart here.


After reading, you now know a bit more about making and selling cold brew as a product! Keep in mind that, just like any business, selling your own cold brew will be a hustle, especially at the beginning. However, with determination and a passion for perfecting your brew, you will be sure to dominate the market and become a leader in the evolution of coffee!

Looking to start your own business selling cold brew coffee? Whether you plan to sell ready-to-drink or from a brick and mortar location, you’ll need a solution for promoting your product. Reach out to us for a quote on a cold brew coffee cart today!

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