Introducing Ferla Mini Bike v2: Always Room for Improvement

There is always room for improvement. This is a phrase that many people know and have been driven by. It is a phrase that promotes integrity, passion, and hard work. It is not trying to say that you should never be satisfied but rather do not let your satisfaction blind you from seeing what could be.

Here at Ferla Bikes we do everything we can to ensure that the products we sell are not only loved by us but by our customers. We are proud of every single one of the products we make and cherish the customer input that made them possible. Nevertheless, we understand that nothing is ever perfect and that there is always room for improvement. This phrase holds a lot of meaning as of recent here at Ferla Bikes. Recently we launched the first version of the Ferla Mini Bike. A highly anticipated product that we were sure would make us and our customers proud. However, when it was released there were certain things we knew we needed to change. Thus began the road to the new and improved Ferla Mini Bike: Mini Bike v2.

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The Cause of Change

Our customers and ourselves included were ecstatic about the up and coming Ferla Mini Bike. After months of input, design, and production the idea of a compact and functional bike was finally a reality. Life at Ferla Bikes was crazy but it was all going to be worth it when our customers finally received their impeccable Ferla Mini Bikes. We imagined a day of smiles, happiness, and positivity when the shipments finally arrived to our customers.

However, the quality of the mini bikes was not entirely what was expected. The first version of the bike had some troubles and our customers had some concern with its quality. At Ferla Bikes we strive to make our bikes and carts as perfect as possible so that you can have something extraordi-nary to build your business with. We had to do something. This version was still not good enough in our eyes and we wanted to improve upon the model.

Making the Ferla Mini Bike Better than the Best

The customers who received the first version of the Ferla Mini Bike were kind enough to share their input with us on how we could improve upon the model. After speaking with them personally and getting a better understanding of what features they were not completely satisfied with, it was time to start improving.

We put our heads together to create a better mini bike. One that would be unlike anything our cus-tomers have seen from us or anywhere else. We turned to a new manufacturer and we ensured that the materials being used to make our bikes were impeccable.

The main improved features of the Mini Bike v2 are:

  • Improved wooden box
  • Thicker wooden panels
  • Scratch resistant paint
  • Cut-Corners to make opening the top easier
  • Beautiful Matte Finish

There are other improvements with the quality of the nuts and bolts, the frame, and the side table. This new Ferla Mini Bike is truly something we are proud of and we know that it is only going to keep improving.

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We just got the new shipment of Ferla Mini Bike v2 in and are sending them out now! We hope our customers see the the effort we put into listening to their input and making things right. We promise to never stop listening and to never stop improving.

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