Used coffee cart for sale is the best way to start your mobile coffee cart business today.

Usually starting a coffee business is quite a hustle-and-bustle.

For example if a person wants to open a coffee shop or a café, one has to find funding! First place they go is Bank. But what chances do starting entrepreneurs have to get that loan? We think they are close to 0%. Even with the best business plan ever, if a person has no experience, or back up money, or property, no bank would take that risk.

With this we have to put coffee shop/café aside. Should you forget about your dream? Definitely not! There are still options. And here are the less expensive variants in descending order:

  • Coffee kiosks
  • Coffee trucks
  • Coffee carts/Coffee bikes

Another hustle for coffee business is finding the perfect location. If you chose the wrong location for your coffee kiosk it is doomed to failure. You just can’t go and move it to another place. If you are just starting and have no experience, how on Earth can you know if the place is good or bad for your business? You’ll never know till you try. At this point we understand that you have to be mobile. So if you are searching for coffee kiosks for sale, probably it is better to cross them out, at least for now.

What is left? Coffee trucks and coffee bikes/carts. Basically this post is about how to spend less money on starting a business, so logically we have to eliminate trucks, because they are more expensive. And here we are left with carts and bikes, or sometimes trikes. Can we do the task even cheaper?

Of course we can! We can offer you considering some second hand coffee carts for sale. You can start your way to success with small steps by choosing smart mobile coffee business on wheels.

Ferla bikes is a company that constantly develops new coffee bikes, so we have a rather extended base of clients, who probably would like to sell their previous Ferla bikes, to buy a new one. We could help you with contacts if there are some used coffee carts or bikes available.

Consider that a used coffee cart for sale is the best way to start your mobile coffee cart business today.

You have all chances to be successful with low budget by creating small, but very efficient systems that will work for you. Our used coffee cart bikes also have a bonus – they need no external water or electricity input, so you also cut the extra expenses on central supply.

Just follow some advice on how not to fall into a mess when buying a used coffee bike:

  1. Check the frame condition for scratches and mechanical defects.
  2. Feel for play and resistance in headset.
  3. Check the gears; they should shift without dragging or excessive noise.
  4. Check if the chain rings are not damaged.
  5. Feel the brake, it should be firm.
  6. Check the condition of the vending part of a bike and all its compounds.
  7. Estimate the overall condition of a second hand coffee cart for sale.

For those who are not ready to risk, or are not sure they can make the right estimation, we can offer a lot of Ferla bikes that combine practicality, quality and the most optimal price, that are brand new!

Ferla Coffee Bikes for sale.

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